2015 Farm Goals

As the snow is falling and we are stuck inside we keep talking and planning what we want to do once the weather clears and the plans for the farm. If you take a look around our website you will see lots of changes and additions to what we are offering this year. We have been working hard on what we think you might want to see and add to your home and farm, and we hope that our website, plans, and work this summer will show you how committed and dedicated we are to producing quality livestock and homegrown local food for you and your family, as well as way to many flowers to fill your home.


One of the biggest additions will be our on farm processed poultry. We processed some poultry this year just for us and to see if we thought we could processes and provide meat for others. Truthfully it was hard work, but the deliciousness was well worth it. We also enjoyed having duck and quail to eat since we cannot find it in the stores. In our Edibles tab on top you can find what we are offering and prices. All our poultry will be antibiotic & medication free, and we are hoping to have everyone pasture raised, if we can outfox the den of foxes at the back of the property that is. Our sheep and goats will be a mixture of pasture raised and grain supplemented. Currently our girls and wethers (fixed males) are out on pasture all summer at our Newfane farm, but for any intact males we will be keeping them at the main farm where we have limited pasture (no oops babies for our girls). We do worm our sheep and goats as needed so we will not be selling the goat and sheep as medicated free, however we do not believe in worming just to worm we only worm as the sheep and goat needs it to protect their health. All meat coming from our farm will be packaged, labeled, and already frozen. We will be taking a limited number of pre-orders for any of our poultry to help us know how many to raise and have ready for your table. Once all the goats and sheep are born we will be taking orders for them as well.

Other goals for 2015 are to finish all of our coops and outdoor runs, including painting, and labeling each coop about which breed is housed in the coop. We have a number of outdoor runs to complete, and at least one (more likely two) more coops to build. This will help with the health and happiness of all our birds, and we hope when you come out to visit you will enjoy seeing everything completed too. Speaking of building, we also have to get a garden shed built for my parents. If anyone visited this past year, you might have noticed a number of gardening items in the barn, and we need them out and into their own space!

To help you find us better, and to get a snap shot of what’s available when driving by the farm, one of our fun (and slightly stressful) winter projects have been to create a new roadside sign with our information. We have been lucky to have the help of some great creative friends point us in the right direction for sizing, and color, hopefully by the end of February, if not sooner, the roadside sign will be finished and up (weather permitting).
Showing of our animas is always fun and attending more rabbit shows to help us evaluate our stock and make new friends is one of the things we are most looking forward to this year. Show season starts in March and we plan on showing our Giant Chinchillas, French Lops, and maybe our Rex. David also wants to see what poultry shows we can attend, however when I asked him what he would take to show he couldn’t make up his mind, so we will see how that goes and keep you posted.

Of course improving our farm quality of livestock is always on the list. With better genetics, or coloring we can pass on to you better quality of animals, whether it’s for show or production. We are already in talks with a couple of Katahdin sheep breeders about adding a new registered ram to the flock as we will be keeping a number of girls from our current ram. Our various duck breeds will hopefully all be adding a new drake (male) to help improve size. Currently we have production ducks only, which tend to be smaller in size than a show duck, however they tend to have higher egg laying capabilities, and faster growth than the show duck; we are hoping for a nice balance between a larger duck to improve on size, without losing to much on the growth rate and egg production. . It is our hope to also add Texas A&M and Jumbo Coturnix quail to our farm as well for a larger quail size and the Texas A&M is an all-white meat bird. And you never know we might add a new breed of something, that is if I can sneak it past David.

One of our most exciting goals for 2015 will be the addition of a livestock dog to help with our current predator problems. As we add more poultry, and expand into pasture raising our poultry we need help with the fox, and owls that like to visit for a snack. A livestock guardian dog or LGD will live with the farm animals and guard against intruders and threats. We are currently planning on adding a female Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepard mix in March. She will be a puppy and take training (approx. 2 yrs.) but with her help our poultry should be safe from attack.

In the flower department, we are adding on a number of new flowers and varieties to the growing schedule to help bring even more creative and beautiful blooms to you. We are also going to try growing from seed a number of plants. By growing the seeds ourselves we will be able to raise different flowers than we are currently able to as not all flowers are offered as plugs. David built us a growing station in the basement and seeds are being planted as we speak. We are also looking into different farmers markets to attend and their requirements and plan on attending at least one market this year. If you have a market you enjoy and want to see us at let us know! Furthermore if you click on the flowers tab in the top bar you will see we are also offering DIY buckets of blooms. With these buckets you can create your own flower arrangements with our fresh from the farm flowers. This is perfect for the Do it yourselfers, or if you are planning a party (bridal shower, graduation) and want to add a little color to your table. My personal goal for 2015 is to experiment more with making boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets so that we can also offer more fresh from the farm Wedding flowers. Pictures of our creations will be posted to our Facebook and Instagram accounts as soon as the flowers start blooming.

This is only a small list of what we want to do, as it seems to be with farmers, a never ending list. But we cannot wait for summer 2015. To pre-order any of our processed poultry and DIY Flower Buckets, or get on the waiting list for lambs, goats, rabbits, chicks, ducks, etc, feel free to email us at McBsFarm@gmail.com, or call us at 716-531-5192. Interested in something we don’t have?  Let us know we are always interested to hear what you, our customers want.

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