A Business Nearly Thirty Years in the Making

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Mc-B’s farm is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of David Bittner & Krys McCarthy, guided by the experienced hand of Krys’ father Dan McCarthy.

Both David and Krys grew up on farms and between them have many years of experience growing their own food. David’s family ran a dairy farm until they switched to fruit farming. Krys grew up helping her dad run his farm, raising a wide variety of poultry, as well as rabbits, goats, and sheep. After graduating from college and marrying, David and Krys dabbled in growing plants, flowers, and vegetables, while continuing to help Dan with his animals; but both knew that they wanted something more. So, after a lot of urging and patient guidance from Dan, David and Krys decided to turn their hobby into a reality, and Mc-B’s Farm was born.

 Beautiful Blooms

There is something so peaceful and rewarding about planting and cultivating a tiny seed into a luscious vibrant flower and then to know the happiness those flowers can bring to others makes growing such a worthwhile endeavor.  We are so excited to be part of the Flower Farmer movement, where the flower grower is also the flower designer.   Having had experience in the wedding & event field we know how important flowers can be to help set the theme of an event, but we also believe that flowers shouldn’t just be for a special occasion, but for your table at dinner, next to your bed in the morning, and on your desk throughout the work day.  Being a local flower farmer we are able to provide the freshest blooms possible to our customers, as well as more delicate flowers your regular florist cannot obtain.  All our flowers are grown on the farm, and we provide a seasonal array of color and beauty just for you.

1448Eat Local. Grow Local. Support Local.

Mc-B’s believes in raising and providing quality flowers, and animals for ourselves and for our community. We have personally enjoyed the “grow local” and “eat local” movements and now wish to help it expand so that, in addition to having more fresh and healthy options, people understand where their food comes from.  While we grow many popular items, we believe our less mainstream items, such as goat, lamb, and rabbits make us unique.

Many individuals and families would like to  know the source of their food, and learn what is needed to raise their own. This is Mc-B’s sincere mission and the cornerstone of our farm’s operating philosophy.

Educating the public about how we raise our livestock, and providing our customers with quality animals so that they can start their own farms is important.  Whether it is on a large scale or a small scale, the enjoyment that can come from raising and tending to animals should be shared!

Eating locally grown food is important.  Supporting local business is important.  Why not do both and see what Mc-B’s can do for you?


We are also a proud member of the Finnsheep Breeders Association