Breeding Schedule 2014-2015

Some of the big time breeders who breed for show and put different lineages together come up with Who’s Who Breeding List. We thought it would be fun for you to see who we will be having lambs and kids from in 2015. We have a total of 29 sheep and goats that hopefully will be birthing this spring.

To help you understand how our breeding list works, we are going to go through the sheep with the katahdins and then the finns, we will then visit our goat herd with the dairy goats first followed by our meat herd. For each breeding we will list the male and then the females will be listed below that he is being paired with.

Our Sheep Flock

Consists of  Katahdins, and Finns with three rams, and 13 ewes. If everyone has lambs we are hoping for approximately 21 lambs


Mr. Katahdin is our six year red male who will be sire of all of our katahdins this year

He is being paired with:

Big Red is our 6 year old Katahdin, who consistently produces twins for us and is a great mother.

The two white Katahdins we purchased from Living Water Farms, in Hamlin NY were both born this spring but grew extremely well, 100lbs by 7 months. We predict they will only have singles this first lambing, and should they be girls we will be keeping those on at the farm.

Little Red,katahdin born 2012, she’s a tad on the smaller size for Katahdins, but her lamb from this past spring grew well even though it was a cross with the finns who tend to be on the smaller size. We are hoping with the Katahdin ram she’ll produce a nice meatier lamb. Three Katahdin crosses, weve dubbed the Wild Ones, to reflect their spirited nature will also be paired with Mr. Katahdin. We aren’t sure of these ladies ages, as we acquired them last year from a woman whose health was declining. This past winter they had four lambs between them, but we noticed they have all gained weight, filled out, and seem healthier this year so who knows we might get more lambs. We did loved how their lambs grew, and in hindsight wish we kept the ewe lambs, thus this year we will be a little more conservative about selling any ewe lambs from them.


With the Finnsheep Flock we have two rams Mr.Badger, and White Face. These half brothers were from Stillmeadow farms, born in the Spring of 2013. They sired 8 lambs this past year and we are hoping for many wonderful and hopefully colorful lambs this spring.

White Face has been paired with:

White Face- Finn Ram
White Face- Finn Ram

Snodrop- another from Stillmeadow. Snodrop is of advanced age-nine years, and needs a little more babying but is a fantastic mother; she would follow us around if we picked up her lambs and yell at us to put them down. Last year she was paired with Mr. Badger and the lambs were nice but we wanted to see what she would produce with White Face, this year, and hopefully be able to better evaluate the quality of lambs each of our rams have the ability to produce.

Marilla- a white ewe we added to the farm last year Marillas is approx. 3 years old. A petite build she produced sturdy twins this past spring.

1008 (2)

Aria & Colleen- White ewes approx. 4 years old, they came from a fiber farm last year, however neither produced any lambs this spring, and we are on edge if they will produce any this year. Lets all keep our fingers crossed.

Mr. Badger has been paired with:

Mr. Badger Finn Ram
Mr. Badger Finn Ram

Pink Nose Rose born last year 2013, produced twins this past spring at Stillmeadow Farms, and we believe she will produce twins again this year for us. Belle is a three year Brown ewe from Stillmeadow that we added to the flock this year. She has produced twins for the past two years of various colors. We hope that breeding her to Mr. Badger will produce at least one brown lamb (Mr. Badger’s sire was brown), unfortunately we don’t completely understand color genetics so it’s a compete guess as to what colors we will get this spring. Trillium was born last year and had triplets this past spring at Stillmeadow. Her family lineage has a history of triplets as yearlings, and her dam was one of six. We would be thrilled with triplets this year, but who knows we might end up with more!

Our Goat Herd

For our Goats we are really excited about all the kids this year. There is nothing quite like the sight of goat kids running and kicking up their heels our in the pasture.  For kidding in 2015 we approximate 24 kids, from 15 does, and three bucks.

Dairy Goat Herd

has three groups, the Lamanchas, Nubian, and two Nubian cross groupings.

Lamanchas– the earless troublemakers, David purchased this trio from Teacup Farms to add to our dairy goat herd.
Gouda is our buck born this past spring. He was a bit put off by the strong headed ladies he was put with, come spring though we should have some beautiful little earless kids. Malaya & Harper are the two lovely lamancha ladies we have, each are a couple of years old, with only one of them kidding this past spring.

Margaret the Nubian was bred by her previous owner with Oliver. In the past Margaret has had twins and triplets. Margaret is a star milker, with Oliver being a star buck. This is the most anticipated kidding for 2015, there is nothing like long eared little Nubians running around.

Prince George our new Nubian buck born this past spring is sire of our first Nubian Cross group

Fiona our Nubian Boer cross who had twins this past year.

Toggy who managed to finally bless us this past spring with the last baby goat of the season who was not only a girl but also a beautiful dark chocolate colored girl.

072 (4)
Toggenburg with one of the goat kids


Hazel our four year old Nubian Nigerian cross produced a number of cute kids this past spring has four ladies this spring to round our our second group of Nubian crossing

Poppy- our Nubian boer cross cutey. We decided to pair her with Hazel because we thought that putting her with the meat buck would be too much for her first kidding and thought smaller Hazel would be better for her for her first kids.

007 (5)

Toggy- This Tog produced twins this past year and was a fantastic mother with a huge udder

Nubians- Our two Nubians are on the small size for Nubians but the one produced triplets this past year, with the other not having any kids.

Nubian does
Nubian does

Meat Goats

Garth- Our huge boer buck, we anticipate some wonderful kids out of him. He is two years old and his kids we saw from this past spring were huge even at three months they were 50-60lbs easily. Garth was paired with a couple of dairy does in an attempt to be able to keep the doe kids.

With creating these dairy meat crosses we are hoping to produce does to cross back to a boer buck that have great milk production to help those 2nd generation kids thrive.
Vera, Daisy, and Tinky are our dairy ladies being bred with Garth. They each had twins this past year with no problems.

We are also breeding the three Tanker girls with Garth. With these boer kiko crosses we hope to have some nice meaty kids.



2015 Will Be Here Soon

Breeding will wrap up January 1st with our first babies due starting the middle of February and lasting until the beginning of June.  Wish us luck and we will keep you posted on all the new additions!



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