Local Foods- Healthy Foods

Mc-B’s mission is to provide fresh, local, and healthy food options where our animals are raised humanely and with respect.  

Contact us today to place your order by email McBsFarm@gmail.com, or phone (call or text) 716-531-5192 or 716-622-3203



Chicken- available now

Whole & Halves- pasture raised  $3.50/lb

Whole & Halves- non-gmo limited availability $4.50/lb

Pasture Raised Cuts

Boneless chicken breast $7/lb

Thighs $5/lb

Legs $3/lb

Wings $3/lb

Liver $5/lb

Neck, Feet, Gizzard $3/lb

Turkey, whole pasture raised- $4/lb

We raise Heritage Bourbon Reds as well as Broad Breasted Whites

The Bourbons are a slower maturing bird that typically dress out in the 8-15lb range.

The Broad Breasted Whites typically dress out in the 15-25lb range

Duck, whole pasture raised – $6/lb

Pekins available now, taking orders for Muscovy to be ready in December

We raise both Pekins and Muscoveys

Our Pekins are your traditional mild flavoured duck, and easily used in a number of dishes.

The Muscovy is a larger red meat duck, low in fat and comparable to beef.

Liver $5/lb

Neck, Feet, Gizzard $3/lb

Goose, whole pasture raised avg 8lbs- $6/lb

Typically our geese are sold out by October as pre-orders for the holidays.


Rabbit, whole avg 3.5lbs – $6.50/lb available now

The leanest and healthiest meat you will ever eat. 

Less cholesterol, fat, and calories while providing the most protein compared to other traditional farm meats.

Lamb & Goat

Our lambs & goats spend the summer out on 80 acres of lush green pasture with rotational grazing to ensure healthy and happy animals.

By the Cut:

Available Now: All cuts of lamb available, ground goat available

Leg Roast- $11.75/lb

Shoulder Roast- $11/lb

Neck Roast $10.50

Rack of Ribs- $17/lb

Riblets- $8.25/lbs

Rib Chops- $17/lb

Loin Chops- $15/lb

Shoulder Chops- $15/lb

Ground- $10/lb

Stew- $10/lb

Shank- $9/lb

Liver, Heart, Tongue, Kidney $4.75/lb

Heads, special order only $10 each

Whole or Half: Still taking orders for fall 2017

$5.50 hanging weight plus processing

By purchasing by the whole or half you are able to choose what cuts you want at a wholesale price.


Farm Fresh Eggs

Pre-order- only due to limited availability

Chicken Eggs- mixed color of blue, green, light brown, and chocolate $3/dozen

Duck Eggs* – $5/dozen

Goose Eggs* – $1 each

Quail Eggs – $3/dozen

**Duck & Geese Eggs are dual purpose-they are used in the kitchen and in many craft activities**