Planning the Flower Field

Spring is just around the corner (We hope). With all this cold it is hard to think about planting our flower field. This past week we have spent counting seeds, planning our garden and researching the flowers. We’ve made a lot of changes from last year’s planting. There are no more veggies except some pumpkins and gourds, and we are attempting to start many of our seeds inside under heat lamps. Although we’ve been trying to work hard, lounging on the couch with our paper work with our dog Lurch taking over the corner, and our current favorite TV show the Walking Dead we’ve been a little slow at finalizing our ever changing plans.


We do start sowing seeds in two weeks. David is building a mini grow stand/station in our basement to try and get the hundreds of seeds planted and growing ready to be planted outside in May. Although with the current weather, of 4 feet of snow we aren’t sure we are going to be seeing spring anytime soon.



Just a reminder if you or someone you know is having a summer event we will have our flowers for sale in a DIY Bucket. An assortment of loose cut flowers will be yours to design your own bouquets and centerpieces for your event, or home. For more information visit and as always we will have our bouquets available at the roadside stand.

We are also looking into local farmers markets to attend this year. Know of a market you would like to see us at? Let us know and we will look into setting up there.


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