Great for show, eggs, meat, or pets.


Large Fowl Cochins- Blue, Black, and Splash

Cochin- Come in both Bantam and Large size. The LF Cochins hail from China and were brought to Europe where they quickly became popular due to their wide fluffy bodies, legs, and feet. They are incredibly calm and docile. The bantams were Krys’ first chickens as a kid and are some of the best broody hens. We raise LF Cochins in blue, black, and splash. New for 2017 we now have bantam cochins in the milie fleur colour. This is still considered a project colour in the cochin community, meaning they are still being worked on for colour. For more information, breed standards, and varieties on both the Bantam and LF Cochins visit



Frizzled Cochin- is a curly feathered cochin. You can find frizzles in a number of different breeds. In order to produce frizzles correctly we breed a smooth cochin over frizzle hens which yields 50% frizzle 50% smooth chicks. The frizzled chick will become apparent by one week of age. Never breed frizzle to frizzle as that will produce a frazzle; a very brittle feathered bird that will usually loose its feathers. We have a splash rooster over blue frizzled hens.







Silkie- Come in bearded and non-bearded in a range of colors. They have black skins, with feathered legs, and five toes. One of the most calm, and friendly birds, they are perfect for kids and fam

Splash & Black

Sikilies. Often going broody you might find your silkies hatch more eggs than they lay, meaning they can hatch other breeds of chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc for you. Their feathers are so thin they are like hair, and feel like silk from where their name comes from. We raise bearded black, blue, and splash. For more information visit





049Wyandotte’s- are an American made breed starting with the Silver Laced Wyandotte and from there creating the other colors. A good dual purpose bird Wyandotte’s lay a brown egg.