Perfect for large eggs and savory meat



060Muscovy – A heavy meat breed, who lays decently, but are excellent mothers hatching out 2-3 nests a year of around 10 ducklings each time.  The muscovys are a bit harder to keep as they can fly out of their coops and get into the garden, but their lack of quacking is nice if you have neighbors.







190Silver Appleyards- a large duck at 8-9lbs with a blocky build. The Appleyard has a beautiful color and is a nice all around duck for the home; use for eggs, meat, pet, and show. The livestock conservancy lists the Appleyard as critical.










182White Crested– Most prized for their unusual appearance the crested duck is a decent layer, and of medium size. We find them to be very calm and good for the backyard. Should you wish to add crested ducks to your farm and breed them we suggest you do your research as breeding crested ducks can have genetic issues that you may or may not want to deal with. We raise white and coloured cresteds.