Known for having the most nutritional meat, high in protein, and in low fat, calories, and cholesterol.







Chin 3 doe pic 2Giant Chinchilla – Developed in the U.S. they average in weight at 13-15lbs.  Large litters, good mothers, and growing fast are some of the excellent characteristics of this breed.  Our does are gentle, begging on their hind legs for their apple slices and we highly recommend them not only for meat but also pets.  They are on the watch list of the ALBC (American Livestock Breeding Conservancy), with about 2,000 thought to be in the US.







Lionhead– Only recently recognized by ARBA in 2014 as a rabbit breed, the Lionhead is a small (no more than 3 ¾ lbs) rabbit with an inquisitive nature. Currently only the REW (ruby eyed white) and Torts are accepted in the ARBA standard although there are many other colors breeders are working towards being accepted into the standard. There are many Lionheads on the market that do not meet the standard set forth by ARBA; we work towards meeting ARBA standards with our double maned REWs & Blacks. Lionhead genetics and standard can be very confusing to the breeder and more information can be found here:






Baby Baby Broken Otter Doe pic 2


Rex– has a short soft plush coat that feels much like velvet. With a maximum weight of 10lbs the Rex is considered a meat rabbit. A very playful and inquisitive rabbit breed, the Rex is a nice started rabbit for the rabbit enthusiast. Please note that there is a mini Rex breed as well, the mini Rex is small breed, while the Rex is a large breed. There are many colors to work with in the Rex, we work with the Castor and Otter varieties.