Mc-B’s Farm offers a selection of chicks, ducklings, geese, quail, lambs, goats, and rabbits for sale.  Contact us with any questions and to inquire about the availability of any of our animals.  Pick up at the farm only at this time.


Chicks, Ducklings, Goslings, Keets, Turkeys, & Quail

All birds are sold as straight run only, and will come with a small bag of transitional feed.
Our prices reflect the quality and health we feel our birds possess.  We are NPIP Certified.

For more information about each of our breeds, and quality of parent stock,  visit our Animal Page at



Cochin Bantam- Millie Fleur Coloured

Cochin Bantam Frizzled- Black, Blue, Splash

Cochin Large Fowl- Black, Blue, Splash

Easter Eggers

Maran, Copper- Black, Blue, Splash

Silkie, Bearded- Black, Blue, Blue Cream

Silkie Bearded Pet- wrong # of toes, miscoloured

Wyandotte- Silver Laced

Day old-four weeks









Five weeks and up STARTING at














Day old-three weeks


Four weeks-Eight Weeks




Bourbon Red

day old-six weeks


seven weeks-12 weeks





day old- four weeks


over four weeks starting at




Appleyard, Crested, Muscovey, Pekin,  – starting at $4 each


Sebastopol- starting at $35 each

Toulouse- start at $8 each


Goats & Lambs

Bottle Babies

We at times have bottle babies for sale if a mother rejects them.  We do not pull babies from their mothers unless we have a concern about their health.  Bottle baby bucks & rams are $30 each, does & ewes are $50 each


Lambs and Kids start at $125 at weaning, dependent on breed, size, and registration


All our rabbits are evaluated for health, and quality before going to their new homes.  .
No rabbit is sold under 10 weeks of age, no exceptions.

American Chinchillas & Rex start at $30

French Lops & Giant Chinchillas start at $40

Lionheads Start at $50

At times we may have a pet quality bunny, meaning they do not meet the standard set forth by ARBA and should not be shown or bred as they will not do well on the show table or improve the breed.  Pet bunnies are $25

Bringing your Animal Home & Farm Policies

All our animals come with transitional feed, and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

At this time poultry are pick-up only from the farm.

For rabbit, sheep, and goat transportation it is up to you, the buyer, to locate a transporter and arrange the necessary paperwork and have everything set up ready to go.

We have a 24-hr health guarantee for animals picked up from our farm personally by you the buyer, unfortunately after that there are too many factors at play for us to guarantee health after 24-hrs

All animals are sold on a first come, first serve basis, and paid in full before leaving the farm.
We may be able to hold an animal for a short amount of time with a non-refundable deposit.

Cash, paypal and credit cards accepted.  No personal checks.

We do have a limited number of boxes to place your animal in to take home, however bringing your own boxes or cages is encouraged.